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My ponytail has never touched my neck with that being said, I keep thinking something is crawling on me! So thankful my hair is finally growing with the help of Mizjae products.

S.Woods Saginaw, Michigan

As a traveling model I often find myself overly concerned with the health of my hair. Going to The J. Braunson Company has allowed me to be stress free when it comes to my hair. I know every time I enter the salon not only will I leave with well treated hair by their professionally branded products, but the experience alone takes the cake!! I will always keep coming back..

K. Marie, NY Fashion Week Model 

I'm multi-cultural (French, Spaniard and Puerto Rican) and always found that stylist would want to use harsh chemicals on me to tame my curly hair or they simply wouldn't know what to do with it. Ms. J. not only took me from having dyed black hair to blonde (when everyone else said it wasn't possible)! BUT she told me it was simply pointless for me to continue to get relaxers, she could have easily told me to keep getting them so she could make more money. After two years natural, I am MUCH happier with doing a simple blow out on my relaxer free healthy hair. I have not since I met her, and WILL NEVER, let anyone touch my hair but Ms. J.

C. Lopez Bridgeport, Michigan